Voice and Video production by David Fogler, AKA - "Flip Flop Dave"

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Peter Mayer -  "PB&J"
Coral Reefer lead guitarist - Peter has a distinctive voice and virtuoso musicianship serving a compelling and soulful dish of music.
(Uncle) Jim Mayer -  "PB&J"
Coral Reefer lead bass player - Uncle Jim is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur and children's advocate.
Brendan Mayer -  "PB&J"
very talented guitarist, singer/songwriter
Miles VanDiver -  "PB&J"
Jazz Drum Set Instructor, Director of the Music Business Program and Coordinator of Recording Activities for Southern Illinois University
Chris Walters =  "PB&J"
Pianist, Arranger, Composer, Producer
Donny Brewer
A master guitarist that loves Trop Rock and Drinking Songs, but he loves any kind of music, as long as he can share it with his friends, his family, his zimzalas... with a cold skinny beer!
Rick Lamb and the Phin Addicts
Americana with a Tropical feel
Sunny Jim - "Tres Amigos"
Sea breezes, palm trees. sandy beaches and good tropical vibes
Kelly McGuire - "Tres Amigos"
Redfish Island Records
Mark Mulligan - "Tres Amigos"
Songs paint pictures of sunshine, sailboats, and sandy beaches
Eric Erdman
Fresh Song Friday's
Floating Collective Band
Rockin' Coral Reefer kids
Corned Beef & Curry
Premier Pub band from Pittsburgh known for high energy and interactive stage shows with Celtic/Irish tunes and Classic Rock, Hand-clapping, foot-stomping, beer-drinking fun!
Aubrey Wollett
Refreshing beach vibe to this country music
Quentin Leverich
The Detentions
Bold truthful lyrics, memorable melodies and air tight harmonies... what would expect from a couple of teachers!
Isabella Stefania
Trop-Rock, Country, Island Country, Gulf Western
Scurvy and The Rotten Scoundrels
Stripped down acoustic Trop Rock and Classic Favorites
John Patti
Steel pan musical entertainment
Chicago Yo-Ho Cheryl
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This event benefits Cornerstone Services which provides progressive, comprehensive services to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, physical disabilities and sensory impairments. Cornerstone Services is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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Chris Walters =  "PB&J"

Pianist, Arranger, Composer, Producer

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